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As the New year Begins, Lord Shiva Devotees are looking and searching for the Dates of Amarnath Yatra in 2013. Every year Amarnath yatra begins in the month of June/July and concludes on the Day of Raksha Bandhan.

Amarnath Yatra 2013 Dates

In 2012, Amarnath Yatra is curtalied to only 37 days, thanks to the Lazy Administration of Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board. In Previous years, the Duration of yatra is at least 2 months. It is for the first time the yatra Duration is reduced to such a short time period.

Every year, there is growing protest over reducing the Time period for Amarnath yatra.

Amarnath Yatra 2013 Dates are yet to be announced officially, but it is expected that yatra will start anytime after 15th June, 2013.The Registration Process for the yatra will start some 45 Days earlier than the Starting date of yatra.

Those who are eagerly waiting the Announcement of Amarnath yatra 2013 Dates, must check this page regularly Or Bookmark it (Cntrol + D), as we will Publish the Complete Details regarding the Schedule, Registration Dates etc.

 Now Announced : Amarnath Yatra 2013 Dates

About the Shrine of Shri Amarnath Ji

The cave of Shri Amarnath Ji is located in the Northernmost state of Jammu and Kashmir. The holy shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Situated at an altitude of 3,888 m which means almost 141 Km from Srinagar, which is also the winter capital of the state.

The shrine is considered to be an important part of Hinduism. The cave is covered with snow throughout the winter and is visited by pilgrims only for a short time in summers.It is visited every year by lakhs of devotees who do a challenging journey to see an ice stalagmite, which is formed naturally inside the cave.

Considered to be one of the most holy places in the country, the yatra is held every year. The yatra is held every year from the month of June to August and is organized by Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board.

Significance of Amarnath Yatra

The yatra is considered to be sacred and significant due to a few reasons. Sacred for the fact that the Amarnath cave is one of the most important pilgrimage of the Hindus according to the holy texts we have.If legends are to be believed, Lord Shiva has explained about the divine life and eternity to Parvati.

Brief Story of Shri Amarnath Ji

Lord Shiva described Parvati that whoever will listen to the story will live forever, and will never die. But Parvati fell asleep in between and a pair of pigeons heard the story of the whole secret of the eternal life. Now, it is considered that the pair of pigeons are still alive and are very lucky if one get’s to see them.

Amarnath Yatra Registration Process

The registration process for Shri Amarnath ji yatra will begin around 40 to 45 days before the actual date of the yatra. The yatra registration will be done in two modes- Online and Offline mode.
Under given are some of the few points, people need to know before registering.

Offline Registration

The Offline Registration Process involves the Following steps:

1. The Amarnath Yatra 2013 Registration will be done on First come, First serve basis. 

2. Registration Form: Yatris will have to first obtain the Yatra Registration form. The form can be had from any Designated branch of J&K Bank, Yes Bank Or Other centres mandated for Yatra Registration. OR You can also download from it the Offcial Website of Shri Amarnath Ji Shri Borad. 

3. The Yatra registration can be done very easily from any designated branches of J&K Bank, Yes Bank throughout the country.

4.The Duly filled in form along with relevant Documents Like Medical Certificate etc must be submitted at the Designated Counters.

5.After submitting the registration form along with the designated fee, the yatris will be issued a yatra permit card. It is a mandatory document for the yatra.

Online Registration

Amarnath yatra Online Registration Facilty is definitely a boon for all those who cannot reach the Designated yatra counters. In Online Registartion, yatris can get themselves registered for the yatra with Few Click and Keystrokes by filling an Online form and theafter making the payment.

The Online registration will be done at the JK Bank Offline website and Link for yatra Registration will be activated few days before the Actual Date of yatra

After the Online Registration is complete, the Online System will generate a Computer Generated Yatra Permit Card, that must be printed and preserved and must be carried by the yatri during the course of yatra

Helicopter Services for Amarnath Yatra

Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board provides helicopter services to its pilgrims for performing the yatra.
Helicopter sevices are avialable from the both Baltal and Pahalgam routes . It is provided by various Helicopter operators. 

The service can be availed by pre booking the tickets for the yatra. The service, though are bit expensive as compared to bus and  foot journey. 

Amarnath Yatra Route

The Amarnath Cave can be reached via two ways. First is the route which is followed by most of the pilgrims, the traditional route i.e. the Pahalgam route. Another route for the same journey is the Baltal route. People generally know about the fixed, common route. Here is some information about the Baltal route.

Baltal is just 14 Km away from the holy Amarnath cave. Also, it is the shorter of the two routes. But it is also considered to be a little difficult.

At Baltal, the mobile networks generally do not work. But the telephone booths are set up by the government. Only, the postpaid BSNL networks work in Baltal.

The route of the yatra is about 5 days. Whoever, visits the holy shrine Lord Shiva blesses him. Just have faith in Shiva and start the journey. All the very best ! 

The Graphic below will help you in getting a Clear picture about the Route of Amarnath yatra 

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